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Brief History of the unit. Could use Steve's chapter in '25 years' as a basis.

1978 - SCVA opened, with the School of Art History alongside. Non- western lectureship established funded by RS.

1984 – Sainsbury’s inspired by visits to New York primitivism exhibitions. Realised no specialist dept existed in UK so SRU proposed

1986 - Art collection obviously great resource but  specialist books reqd so purchased John Donne library.

1988 - Early photos of SCVA. Empty Living area photo (see Library poster). SRU began operations with 2 faculty, 2 library/support staff. MA course started with 3 MA students. Raymond Firth Inaugural lecture – link to audio file?

1989 – First Phd student,

19?? - Donation from John Hewitt of early voyages

1993 – Fellowship programme established

19?? – Robert Sainsbury scholarship established

2000 – Death of RS, donation of his personal books and archives.

2006 – Pacific encounters exhbition

200? – New student mezzanine opens

200? – Biography of a building uses Archive material

200? – Steve appointed Professor – link to Inaugural lecture?

20?? – Fijian Art Research project

2013 – 25th Anniversary symposium

2014 – Death of Lisa Sainsbury

2014 – Henry Moore exhibition uses SRU archive material

2015 – Stats:  List achievements in numbers? e.g. how many MA and PHds graduated, how many conferences, publications etc. Ref ratings? No of books in library.