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CFAAA event 12th Dec

Next Centre for African Art and Archaeology event 12 December


Next Monday, 12 December, 5pm, Dr Annalisa Christie will present a talk, “Converting Cowries:  Modification practices in East and West Africa”. This will draw on her work as postdoctoral  researcher on the Leverhulme-funded project 'Cowrie shells, and early global commodity' led by Anne Haour (SRU). Her paper will provide a comparative assessment of cowrie modification practices in East and West African contexts, discussing the implications this has for our understanding of the medieval cowrie shell trade around the Indian Ocean and into West Africa.

The Centre for African Art and Archaeology was established in 2009 to reflect the strong convergence of research and teaching interests related to Africa, in the School of Art History and World Art Studies. Its intention is to gather faculty and postgraduate students in a collegiate atmosphere around a talk and a meal.