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Centre for African Art and Archaeology

Film screening 'Indian Ocean Memories and African Migrants'. 24 April, 5pm SCVA

World Art seminar 8th March

Dr Joanne Clarke (UEA). Rock Art and Burial in Western Sahara

World Art seminar 22nd Feb

Will Rea on Ekiti Yoruba Performance. 5pm

CFAAA event 12th Dec

CFAAA event Monday 12th Dec.


CFAAA event on December 12th

World Art Seminar

Weds. 26th Oct, Ceri Ashley on 'Greater Mapungwe'. 5pm, SCVA lecture theatre.

Prof Haour inaugural lecture

Tuesday 4 October, 6.30pm, Julian Study Centre lecture theatre. 'The globalised world of the Middle Ages'

PAA Europe 2016

PAA Europe Annual Meeting 2016 hosted by the SRU 16-18 October.

CfAAA talk on Cowrie Shells

Talk on Cowrie Shells from the Indian Ocean to West Africa. Thursday 16th June, 5pm.

World Art Seminar

Weds 9th Mar, 5pm. Dr Mark Elliott. There are other Indias’: Artists, Anthropologists and Adivasis in a Colonial Museum Collection.