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Former Fellows

2020 Janet Berlo University of Rochester, New York Not Native American art: replication, misrepresentation, and other vexed identities
  Emmanuelle Honor√© Universit√© libre de Bruxelles Early pastoralism and rock art in North-East Africa 
2019 Vicky Van Bockhaven University of East Anglia Revisiting Rebellion: collective therapies in the political history of Northeast Congo and South Sudan (ca. 1850-today)
2018 Andrew Finegold University of Illinois Chicago Real and symbolic values ascribed to holes, cavities, and voids across a variety of media in Mesoamerica


Philip Riris UCL Petroglyphs in the pan-Orinoco region and new methods for characterising large corpora of painted and engraved rock art.
2017 Ashley Coutu York University African archaeology, specifically investigating the use of ivory from the early medieval period to the present day
  Will Rea University of East Anglia Wood carving traditions of the Ekii Yoruba
2016 Ceri Ashley University College London The Materiality of Mission: the London Missionary Society in Lake Ngami, Botswana
  Max Carocci University of the Arts, London Representations of the face among Plains Indians
2015 Maya Stanfield-Mazzi University of Florida Pre-Columbian/Latin American Art
  Catherine Allen The George Washington University The inner life of things: Animism and Andean Aesthetics
2014 Joseph Adande Universite' d'Abomey-Calavi, Benin Danhome' Applique' Cloth
  Kodzo Gavua University of Ghana, Legon Ghanaian religion and materialism and culture heritage.
2013 Denise Arnold Instituto de Lengua y Cultura Aymara (ILCA) The science of weaving in the Andes: structures and techniques of warp-faced cloth.
  Susan Gagliardi The City College of The City University of New York Display and Anti-Display: Arts of Power Associations on the Senufo-Mande Cultural "Frontier".
2012 Anastasia Grib The State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, Russia The Qur'anic Board in West and North Africa
  Andrew Hamilton Harvard University Scale in the Pre-Columbian Andean World
2011 Gitti Salami Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon Visual Culture of Yakurr society in the Middle Cross River region of southeastern Nigeria
2010 Elizabeth Cory-Pearce Australian National University, Canberra Modernity's Guises: Maori 'Gift Exchange' and Imperial and Colonial Relations
  Paolo Fortis University of St Andrews Images, Designs and Ontology among the Kuna. An Ethnographic Theory of Visual Art
  Henry Drewal University of Wisconsin- Madison Arts of Yoruba speaking people in West Africa using sensiotics
2009 Kevin Lane Manchester University Engineered Worlds: Community, Technology and Landscape in the Ancient Andes
  Chris Beekman University of Colorado Denver Archaeology of Jalisco, western Mexico
2008 Bodil Olesen Aarhus University and UCL Contemporary Malian bogolan, or mud cloth
  Catarina Krizancic Department of Anthropology, University of Chicago The 'demis' of Tahiti - a study of Tahitian aristocracy
2007 Carol Mayer Museum of Anthropology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver Frank Burnett Collection of early 20th century Pacific Art and Photography.
  Penny Dransart University of Wales, Lampeter Colour experience in the Andes & Europe
2006 Claudia Gross University of Auckland Garden Aesthetics & Mimesis in Upper Awara, Papua New Guinea
  Malika Kraamer SOAS & National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden Hand-woven textile histories in southern Ghana and Togo
2005 Julie Hollowell Indiana University Archaeological materials and collections from the Bering Strait
  Jean Borgatti Clark University Masquerades & aesthetics of the Okpella, Southern Nigeria
2004 Michael Jehle New Bedford Whaling Museum Sperm whale ivory in Polynesian ornamentation
  James Fitzsimmons University of South Dakota Death and ritual among the ancient Maya
  Jeffrey Blomster George Washington University Olmec and regional styles: Early Formative art and iconography in Mesoamerica
  Christopher Donnan University of California at Los Angeles Early Moche developments at Dos Cabezas, North Coast, Peru
2003 Virginia Miller University of Illinois, Chicago Art and Architecture at Chichen Itza
  Philip Peek Drew University Representations of the communal self in African arts
2002 Alison Dundon Australian National University Carving and Christianity among the Gogodala
  Rhys Richards Independent scholar Austral Island ceremonial paddles
2001 Esther Pasztory Columbia University Travels and art of Jean-Frederic Waldeck
  Germain Loumpet University of Yaounde 1, Cameroon Art and material culture: semantic redeployments and strategies for identification
2000 Wilfried Van Damme Afrika Museum, Berg en Dal, Netherlands The philosophy of ewa, beauty, in Yoruba culture, Nigeria
  Goran Aijmer University of Goteborg Iconic codes and aesthetics
1999 Claude Chapdelaine University of Montreal The Moche state: power, ideology and urbanism
  Ross Hassig University of Oklahoma Aztec thought and culture
1998 Marshall Sahlins University of Chicago Fijian history and culture
  Dana Rush University of Iowa Vodun arts of West Africa, particularly Benin
1997 John Agberia University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria Ladi Kwali pottery: the Abuja Experiment in Nigeria
  Laurie Beckwith University of Calgary Late Formative period ceramics of Ecuador
1996 Richard Eves Australian National University, Canberra Dance, magic and power, New Ireland, Papua New Guinea
  Iris Gareis Institut fur Volkerkunde und Afrikanistik, Munich Representations of good and evil in Europe and America
1995 Sarah Brett-Smith Rutgers University Bamana women's cloths, Mali, West Africa
  Sandra Klopper University of Cape Town Zulu and southern African art and material culture
1994 Jack Goody University of Cambridge Representation and cognitive contradictions
  Jerry Moore California State University, Dominguez Hills Pre-Columbian plazas and the archaeology of constructed space
  Michael Gunn Northern Territory Museum, Australia Malagan of Tabar, New Ireland, Papua New Guinea
1993 Barbara Saunders University of Utrecht Northwest Coast, Canada; colour theory