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Jacob Bongers

  • Jacob BongersSenior Research Associate, Rise of Divine Lordships in the Ancient Andes project
    • Dr Jacob Bongers is the Senior Research Associate for the Rise of Divine Lordships in the Ancient Andes project. He received his Ph.D. in Archaeology from the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA. His dissertation explored the dynamic between mortuary practice, imperial conquest, and socio-political change in southern Peru (ca. AD 1200 – 1650). His research explores how religion and ritual practice mediated interactions between complex societies and contributed to socio-political change.

      Before joining the Sainsbury Research Unit, Jacob conducted archaeological fieldwork in Portugal, Chile, Ethiopia, Oman, and Peru. He brings his skills in archaeological excavation and survey, mapping, GIS, photogrammetry, aerial photography, and 3D modelling to the project team.