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Conference Archive

Paleoclimate, Water Use and Environmental Phenomena in Ancient Peru and Their Contemporary Impact (Trujillo, Peru - 28-31 January 2019)

Heritage of the Western Indian Ocean (10-11 May 2018)

Symposium on the Recuay culture of ancient Peru ( Primer Simposio Internacional sobre la Cultura Recuay ) (12-14 July 2017)

Exhibiting concepts, experiencing meanings : current and future curatorial challenges (15-17 May, 2014)

African Archaeology Research day 2013 (1-2 November 2013)

Fabricating Fashion? Curating and Creating Pacific Fibre Arts and Adornments (1-2 October 2012)

Andean Ethnohistory and Archaeology (24 November 2010)

World Christianity and Socio-Cosmological Transformations in the Andes and Amazonia (11-12 November 2010)

Appropriating the Exotic: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives (8-9 October 2010)

Andean and Amazonian Visual and Sensorial Worlds ( University of Sao Carlos (Brazil), 15-16 April 2010)

Ancient and Modern: Exhibiting the Past in the Present (18 March 2010)

Image, Word, Music: an Art Debate on Religious Mediation (6-7 November 2009) 

The (dis)empowerment of things in Amazonian cosmopolitics (29-30 May 2009)

Exhibiting Polynesia: Past, Present and Future ( Musée du Quai Branly, Paris (16 June – 14 September 2008)

The emergence of Hausa identity: history and religion ( SRU Norwich and University of Liverpool, July-Nov 2008).

Image as embodiment: cross disciplinary perspectives ( 9-10 Nov 2007)

Light, Water and Colours in the Americas (20 Jun 2007)

Society, Natural Resources & Development in Madagascar, Recent Contributions by the Research Community (30-31 Mar 2007)