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Heritage of the Western Indian Ocean

May 10th-11th, 2018

Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

This 2 day workshop for invited colleagues and delegates explored how communities from around the Western Indian Ocean lived and connected between 1500 and 200 years ago. The subjects of the papers ranged from Madagascar to the Maldives via Tanzania, Ethiopia, Iran and Mauritius. With connections to the recent Cowrie Shells Research Project the SRU was delighted to welcome a strong representation of guests from the Maldives.

A poster display explained the purpose and conclusions of the Cowrie Shells project, alongside a display case with a representative sample of archaeological finds from the excavations.

The workshop was organised by Anne Haour, John Mack, Annalisa Christie and Shiura Jaufar of the Sainsbury Research Unit.

Delegates at the 'Heritage of the Western Indian Ocean' workshop, Sainsbury Research Unit, May 2018