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Past Masters dissertations

Bruku, S. (2019). The multiple lives of ancient beads

Coulson, I. (2019). Liminal littorals, towards a coastal archaeology of the Bight of Benin: an analysis of locally made pottery from the island of Ohinloue, Benin

Glaves, R. (2019). An investigation into negative conservation and protection efforts of Peruvian archaeological sites inscribed by UNESCO

Korzeniowska, L. (2019). Repatriation and historical trauma: seven Toi Moko at the British Musem

Reyjasse, F. (2019). Body adornment from Oceania conserved by the Natural History Museum of Toulouse: reflexion on classifications and contribution to the online collection

Szulfer, A. (2019). Time and space-time in Moche fineline painting

Walker Kuroki, A. (2019). From rock galleries to Crocodile Dundee: the role of Aboriginal arts in the promotion of Australia

Finch, J. (2018). Material connections: a cultural biography of Norwich Castle Museum's ethnographic collections

Howl, J. J. (2018). Constructing identity, commodifying decoloniality: The past in now at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Johnson, H. (2018). Spirituality in abstraction: a study of Amish quiltmaking and abstract expressionism

Kline, J. (2018). "To be carefully kept for the years to come": remembrance, legacy, and relationships in the collection of Sister Evelyn Bellamy, Cape Coast, Ghana 1914-1943

Madden, R. A. (2018). From 'Indo-Guyanese' to Indi-vidiual: movement and integration after indenture

Rice, L. (2018). (In)valuable heritage? Exploring transformations of value in Ouidah's dual heritage of Vodun and the history of slavery

Smith, T. (2018). ‘La Gran Ocultadora’ Identity and Mexicanidad in the Image of Frida Kahlo

Villa, F. (2018). Authenticity to the highest bidder, the grey market of Peruvian antiquities: constructing authenticity at Sotheby's and eBay

Wilken-Smith, I. (2018). The value of cultural value: remodelling value in the modern and contemporary art market

Allen, K. L. (2017) The basketry collection of Audrey Butt-Colson at the Pitt Rivers Museum

Campbell Fisher, L. (2017) The James Hepburn Northwest Coast collection at the Cambridge University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Cardwell, M. (2017) Uprooting narratives in search of survivance: encounters with indigenous North America at the British Museum

Dadzie, B. E. (2017) Henry Townsend and the collection of the missionary encounter in mid-19th century Abeokuta

Flood, J. (2017) Weaving active resistance: the use of material culture amongst Maya women as a means of promoting self and community in Chiapas and Guatemala

Harper, L. (2017) West Africa: word, symbol, song. Collaboration and control at the British Library

Manulevu, U. (2017) Perspectives on indigenous and contemporary Fijian dance

Mcgee, C. (2017) Contemporary costuming in Botswana: performance, identity and empowerment

Minott, R. (2017) Whose Jamaica do you represent?  Exploring the boundaries of national identity in post-colonial Jamaica as represented in its national art collection

Roussillon, A. (2017) Redefining the collection: (Re)collecting and translating processes of a Wosera assemblage from Papua New Guinea to the British MuseumS

Shorter, E. (2017) The Marjorie King collection: crafting the Samoan woman in the mid-20th century

Dring, K. M. (2016) Among known Eskimo: the collection of Reverend Julian William Bilby, Ilataaq ("our new friend"), missionary to the Inuit of Baffin Island

Martinek, K. K. (2016) Fruitful connections: an analysis of funerary posts from Pachacamac as instruments of political power

McArthur, F. A. (2016) Understanding the changing relationship between the British colonial administration and the people of the Gold Coast: the case of 1936, a photographic perspective

Seward, V. (2016) Kent Monkman and Yuki Kihara: two spirit and fa'afafine gender performativity

Westhuizen, V. v. d. (2016) Photographic albums from the collection of the British Museum.  The album 'Native life in western Pondoland by Mrs Fred. Clarke' as an assemblage of ethnographic, artistic and autobiographic materials

Feltham, E. (2015) Putting the 'muse' into 'museum': examining the role of cultural performance and theatre in museum institutions

Hodgson Lorente, A. (2015) Accumulating histories: a visual economy of Marion Testino's Alta Moda and the Andean image world

Kay, D.K. (2015) Talking heads: two Akan terracottas from the Cambridge University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Martin, C. (2015) Object journeys: exploring the biography of Dr James Glaisher's Northwest Coast collection at the Cambridge University Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology.

Miguel Correia, L. (2015) The representation of Brazilian indigenous people in Sao Paulo's graffiti.

Nelson, A.A. (2015) Reconstructing memory: cultural space, myth and reconciliation in northern Uganda.

Parsons, H.L. (2015) The enchantment of Chinese ceramics: indigenous consumption and modification of Chinese and Chinese-style ceramics in Borneo.

Rodland, H. (2015) Indigenous slavery in West Africa during the Atlantic slave trade: using slave narratives to understand individual and communal responses to slavery.

Smith, R. (2015) Engaging with pasts in the present: British museums, contemporary Australian art and the archive.

Nazzaro, G. (2014) Queer impressions : re-imagining labels and emotions through Australian indigenous art.

Jordan, G. (2014) The eternal return of the past Pre-Columbian imagery in Mexican street art.

Green, L.J. (2014) Angels, devils and Romans: cosmological processions in the Andes.

Frost, A. (2014) Reimag(in)ing the western canon: changing and challenging identities in postcolonial art history.

Cockburn, S. (2014) Art and identity on display: festivals in the contemporary Pacific.

Cioni, E. (2014) From John Hewitt to Jon Stokes: how Robert and Lisa Sainsbury assembled their collection of Pre-Columbian art.

Christley, P.M. (2014) Pacific cultures: the representaion and promotion of Cook Island cultural heritage.

Chalepas, L. (2014) My fragmentary Jimmie Durham. The case of an inquisitive Cherokee, itinerant and universal artist.

Braybrook, C. (2014) 'Cochineal red and purpura purple': collecting colour and colouring in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Barylski, T. (2014) The art of interaction: an investigation of Moche - Recuay hybrid pottery.

Bartrop, G.E. (2014) Playing the dating game: understanding the colonisation of east Polynesia.

Toledo Martinez, M.E. (2013) Changes in Mexican feather work: symbolism, power and aesthetics in the 16th century.

Reddish, J. (2013) The photographs of the American Museum Congo Expedition, 1909-1915.

Meziani, H.S. (2013) Study of a collection of archaeological beads from Birnin Lafiya, northern Benin.

Donoghue, H. (2013) The museum life of objects: exploring agency in the Cooke Daniels Collection.

Dodd, M. (2013) From artifact to artwork: the creation and transformation of the Kongo Nkisi.

Dixon, M.V.R. (2013) Transatlantic connections and visual translations: an analysis of the murals of the orixas by the artist Carybé.

Stepanova, K. (2012) Research study of seventeen objects from the Canterbury Museum collection.

Solloway, R. (2012) Seeing Marshallese navigation through the stick charts.

Sheppard, R. (2012) "Marconigrams of the Congo": the Tetela slit gong drum and representation in the Kasai Expedition, 1908.

Goodbun, M. (2012) He wandered, wondered, adored and acquired: the status of Julius L. Brenchley as a collector of ethnographic material in the Pacific.

Eshel, Y. (2012) Filming gender in transition: uncovering subjectivities of Ethiopian-Israeli immigrant women.

Camayd, O. (2012) Mi bihaim ol tumbuna: Jakupa Ako, Tom Craig and the development of contemporary art in Papua New Guinea.

Brennan, E. (2012) Jamaican lace-bark: British representations and a natural-cultural union.

Boissonnas, V. (2012) Kava bowls from Western Polynesia: a comparative study of bowls from Fiji, Samoa and Tonga.

Swett, K.M. (2011) The Santarém ceramics of the Museu Nacional: the history, description and contextualization of a collection.

Sellers, S. (2011) Visual agency and the construction of the body: propagandistic discourse in the paintings of Cheri Samba.

Hill, B. (2011) The art and music of the Black Atlantic from the 19th century: a review of the Africanist/Creolist debate.

Dartey, J.A. (2011) Perspectives on the 'Komaland civilization', northern Ghana.

Butler, J.-B. (2011) Ostrich eggshell as a resource in the northwest Kalahari during the late stone age.

Abramovich, L. (2011) Interpreting Andean colonial history through the illustrations of the Galvin Murúa.

Zumstein, J.T. (2010) Figuring it out: an iconographic analysis of Tembladera figurines. .

Vandenbergen, H. (2010) El arte del dialogo: a multiple-layered analysis of Tigua art in Ecuador.

Mathurin, M. (2010) The native American film and video festival as an institutional native space: establishing indigenous identity through media representation.

Martiarena, L.M. (2010) Chipaya - Cajatambo - Lima: re-reading the social history of the 16th and 17th century Andes.

Gnisci, J. (2010) The theme of the Crucifixion in Ethiopian art: from its first appearance to the dawn of the seventeenth century.

Cron, M.L. (2010) Profiling: an analitical approach to the study of graffiti: a case study of Săo Paulo, Brazil.

Charles, E.M. (2010) Gifts in exchange: why were gifts important in the cross-cultural exchange between Asante and Europeans?

Bowers, R. (2010) Weapon of choice: a stylistic and functional exploration of the Wahaika and its shifting contexts from the late eighteenth century to the present day.

Pinto, M. (2009) Present histories: collective memory and the contemporary Kwakwaka'wakw Potlatch.

Mertens, T. (2009) 'Transformative paradigms, contested epistemologies': the dynamics of objects in the museum.

Lewis, C.M. (2009) The Cassowary: its representation and use in cosmology, ritual and material culture.

Leroy, W. (2009) The dance of souls.

Hall, J. (2009) Wrapping: an artist's view.

Eaton, B.A. (2009) An examination of the use of humour in contemporary Polynesian art and T-shirt design.

Dominguez, M. (2009) Contemporary Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian art: the analysis of the Orisha and Orixa in modern art.

Cuthbert, R. (2009) Re-contextualising a colonial legacy: Rosanna Raymond and the Pasifika Styles exhibit at the CUMAA.

Borea, G. (2009) The emergence of Amazonian contemporary art in the 21st century Peruvian art scene.

Utting, R. (2008) Reading the bodies in the Bounty mutineers.

Sutton, S.E. (2008) In the landscape of cosmological contact: biography and ecological perception in the Blackfoot tipi.

Lai, J.C.Y. (2008) Visions of others: a reflexive exploration of the study of cultures from the perspective of a multicultural other.

Geldof, F. (2008) The cinematrographic representation of the Ikpeng.

De Becker, L. (2008) "A sign of struggle": reading the Hector Pieterson photograph.

Compton, P. (2008) Fruit in the soil of magic: horticultural practices as socially conditioned techniques in the formation of anthropogenic Amazonia.

Sheales, F. (2007) Bicycles, books and bulbs: an exploration of the door imagery and the changing art production practices of the Yoruba from 1860-1960.

Kingston-Smith, N. (2007) The royal other: deptictions of Portuguese in Benin ivories of the early contact period.

Jones, B.G. (2007) The digital savage: strategies of representation and simulation in World of Warcraft.

Jacobs, C. (2007) Slavery, art and diaspora: dialogue at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Deane, E. (2007) Visualising history: the Mackie Ethnological Expedition (1919-1920) to eastern Africa as seen through the photographs of the Reverend John Roscoe.

Clark, A. (2007) Australia in London: how are contemporary Australian aborigines represented in the London art market, 1980-2007.

Sippenauer, S. (2006) ?Por qué estamos como estamos? (Why are we the way we are?) The traveling exhibit in Guatemala: a contact zone as looking glass .

Lessenger, A. (2006) Journeys across an ocean: collections of native North American art in the United Kingdom and the question of their return.

DeBlock, H. (2006) 'In danger of sleeping or dying out': an investigation of contemporary masquerades in the arts of Vanuatu, southwest Pacific.

Angeli, V. (2006) Display and disguise: Islam, West African art and its representation in the museum world.

Watts, L. (2005) Resistance of synthesis? Changing identities in Mayan textiles.

Remohi, D.A. (2005) Mud bricks as cultural and chronological markers: the case of Pachacamac, Peru.

Owen, P. (2005) Silence smothered on the body : Haida body modification on the Northwest coast.

O'Brien, A. (2005) Changing contexts in canoe prow figureheads: headhunting, enchantment, and identity in the New Georgia region, Solomon Islands.

Carreau, L. (2005) The Harry Geoffrey Beasley collection of Pacific artefacts in historical and cultural contexts.

Owa, M. (2003) Dynamism of Hawaiian hula: historical perspectives.

Mowday, I. (2003) A discussion of female depictions in Moche ceramics.

Mills, A.N. (2003) Works of the Tufunga: form, structure, pattern & iconography in Tongan clubs of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Ingelghem, N.v. (2003) What's in a storehouse: a re-evaluation of the Maori pateka in Aotearoa-New Zealand.

Colunge Rosales, R.I. (2003) Tokapu: politics and aesthetics in Inka design.

Atkins, K. (2003) Gold of the Akan: a visual-verbal nexus.

Siikala, H. (2002) Materiality of meaning and meaning of materiality.

Robinson, S. (2002) Return to sender: a study into postcards of Zanzibar, 1900-2000 .

Potter, C. (2002) The animate stone shrines of the Inkas.

Jessop, M. (2002) Heiva tupapa'u: an instantiation of potency in death and life?

Gagliardi, S.E. (2002) Birifor and "Lobi" architecture: a study of the Birifor Yir of Danivaar, northern region, Ghana.

Dragoni, C. (2002) The "social use of trees": Moriori tree carvings of the Chatham Islands.

Colley, J. (2002) Presenting culture, claiming property: the internet and the cultural property issue.

Adams, J.A. (2002) Kahu: the enduring Maori Cloak.

Veys, F.A. (2001) Tongan and Tongan-style bark cloth: history, gender, and cosmology in Tonga and Fiji.

Vancoillie, S. (2001) How to read masks: a study of methodological approaches and their contribution in the understanding of a corpus of Yaka masks.

Elliott, B. (2001) Decoration as an act of power: the decoration of human and animal skins among northeastern Native Americans between the 16th and early 19th centuries. .

Cox, M. (2001) Masks as strangers: reflection, affirmation and transformation of the social domain through West African masquerade.

Worden, S. (2000) Indigo in West Africa.

Vander Steene, G. (2000) Voice, power and gender between tradition and modernity: griottes of the Sahel.

Lawrence, R. (2000) The flower in Polynesia: a study of the ritual and decorative significance of flower.

Farrow, C. (2000) An evaluation of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act as an approach to the question of repatriation.

Endicott, P. (2000) Reconstructing the ideology of Austronesian seafarers: what this tells us about Tikopia.

Durocher, F.M. (2000) The feline element and notions of fertility: Nasca phases 1-4.

Crawford, B.R.P. (2000) Sharks and man in the Pacific: an investigation into the relationship between sharks and man and its manifestation in the material culture of the Eastern Solomon Islands, Hawaii and Tahiti.

Sperlich, T. (1999) Our brown fellow countrymen: perceptions of the Samoan other in early 19th century Germany.

Ray, H. (1999) A bibliography of three Benin bronzes.

Mount, S. (1999) Out of the darkness and into the light: the globalisation of vodou.

Lo, K.-L. (1999) An exploration of female initiation: the Sande society as a case study. .

Jacobs, K. (1999) The complementarity of gender relations: a preliminary survey of Kamoro material culture.

Goos, D. (1999) Mind your head! Headhunting in South New Guinea.

Coupaye, L. (1999) From yams to nature and society: preliminary reflections on the aesthetical agency of material culture in four groups of Papua New Guinea (Abelam, Arapesh, Kwoma and Manambu).

Wario Arero, H.G. (1998) Journey to the shrine of Nura: symbols of Gada, ornaments, space and the puff adder in somatic and ritual transformation.

Sibley, H. (1998) Sweeping and weaving symbolism in Aztec ideology.

Noszlopy, L. (1998) Modern Balinese painting, the tourist market and 'cultural identity'. .

Ko, J.-L. (1998) An investigation of tattoo among the Atayal and Paiwan of Taiwan .

Booth, A. (1998) An analysis of the iconography of South American snuff trays in relation to Anadenanthera and Virola snuff powders.

Bockhaven, V.v. (1998) Abelam men's exchanges with dual counterparts: opposition and complementarity, aggression and male procreation.

Blyth, A. (1998) Priest or fool? A study in ritual clowning in Western Polynesia .

Barontini, M.C. (1998) Interlacing the universe: polarities in motion in Tenganan Pegeringsingan.

Vanhee, H. (1997) 'M se Katolik': Central African roots of Haitian voodoo.

Chalcraft, J.M. (1997) Eating souls: emic views and indeterminate meaning in 19th century Yup'ik material culture.

Brighi, A. (1997) Shamanic cosmos and the Olmec concept of sacred geography: La Venta, a case study.

Blacklock, C.M. (1997) Nga Taonga Maori: the politics of cultural property in New Zealand.

Holliday, J. (1996) Of dugongs and turtles: the significance of marine imagery in the art of the Torres Strait Islanders.

Eulisse, E. (1996) Art, ideology, and power in the Bamum Kingdom (Cameroon).

Bond, V. (1996) A study of bark cloth from the Solomon Islands: with particular reference to the use of indigo in the north-western region.

Biles, R.M. (1996) Eighteenth century Society Island fibre arts: their manufacture and the impact of European voyagers.

Ulfe, M.E. (1995) 'Sitting' ... on what? A study on African seats.

Tocher, I. (1995) Artefacts and their meanings: a study of Fijian clubs and the Brenchley Collection, Maidstone Museum.

Gangloff, V. (1995) Rethinking fetishism: afterthoughts on visualised powers and desires.

Dhillon, K. (1995) Pregnant images: representations of women in Gelede and Sande masquerades.

Deichmann, J.D. (1995) Toa Wairua: an investigation of eighteenth and nineteenth century moko and the role of moko in contemporary Maori society.

Cotterill, T. (1995) Earth, women and fire: symbolism in African pottery.

Williams, J.L. (1994) Caymans and culture: an analysis of Amazonian imagery at Chavin de Huantar.

Ostapkowicz, J. (1994) Tsagiglŕlal: 'she who watches': interpreting the 'grinning face' image of the Columbia River art complex.

Medich, M. (1994) Harbingers of mayhem: Guaman Poma's representations of Antisuyu .

Lismore, P. (1994) Aloalo and the tomb.

Harris, G. (1994) Marketing the 'primitive': ethnic" art in London.

Wastiau, B. (1993) The problematique of agency in ritual performances of Makishi masquerades among the Lwena-Luvale.

Zhoukov, N. (1992) Masks, king and death: art and power in Kuba society.

Norris, L.H. (1992) An historical analysis of ancient Hawaiian wood sculpture between the years 1778-1825.

Jaeger, K. (1992) Exotica on the Northwest Coast: intertribal transactions and the appropriation of European goods.

Bolton, A.J.D. (1992) A rhetorical account of Malay shamanistic performance.

Averley, H. (1992) Verism and literalism in ethnographic illustration: a visual, historical and contextural analysis of Norman H. Hardy's Kasai Expedition paintings, 1907-1909.

Arup, S. (1992) Pachacuti Yamqui's drawing: Andean cosmology and gender identities.

Regius, H.A.M. (1991) From comparative ethnography to structuralism: South American bark cloth in the Gothenburg Ethnographical Museum.

Mshana, F.S. (1991) Northern New Ireland Malangan: form and representation.

Wardle, H. (1990) Dahomey, production and representation.

Meuli, J. (1990) The role and status of the artist in Kwakiutl society.

Codignola, M. (1990) Beyond mimesis: from portrait to hyper-realism in contemporary African art.

Robertson, E.C.A. (1989) Dynamism or decline? A perspective on Malagan stability amid change in northern New Ireland.

Rea, W. (1989) The Epa-type masquerades of Ekiti Yoruba.

Kingdon, Z.E. (1989) The modern Makonde sculptural movement.