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Nadia Khalaf

  • Nadia KhalafPhD Candidate
  • Region of Interest Africa
  • Research Interests West and North African archaeology, satellite remote sensing, geographical information systems (GIS), quantitative methods in archaeology, spatial analysis in landscape research, archaeological visualisation and cartography.
  • PhD Thesis A field survey and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) based investigation of the archaeology in the Niger River Valley, Republic of Benin
  • Doctoral Research

    • My doctoral research, being undertaken within the European Research Council funded project, Crossroads of Empires, investigates the historically rich landscape of the Niger River Valley in the Republic of Benin. Previously, this area had been archaeologically neglected, with little research taken place. Using field survey techniques, GIS and satellite remote sensing, I have identified over 400 new archaeological sites in the region and collected over 50,000 artefacts. From this I have compiled a comprehensive site gazetteer, which is hoped to be used  to protect endangered heritage in the region. Overall, my thesis discusses the use of field survey and GIS methodology in West Africa, settlement patterning in the Niger Valley and human-environment relationships of the past.

  • Education

    • 2012: MSc Geographical Information Systems, University of Leicester (awarded the ESRI UK prize for 'best MSc GIS student of 2012').

      2008: BA (Hons) Archaeology and History, University of Reading.

  • Publications

    • Khalaf, N. and Haour, A. (2013) Excavations at Tin Tin Kansa, Northern Bénin, Nyame Akuma, 79, 101-111.

      Mattingly, D., Abduli, H., Ahmed, M., Cole, F., Fenwick, C., Fothergill, B. T., Gonzalez Rodriguez, M., Hobson, M., Khalaf, N., Lahr, M., Moussa, F., Nikita, E., Nikolaus, J., Radini, A., Ray, N., Savage, T. and Wilson, A. (2011) DMP XII: Excavations and Survey of the so-called Garamantian Royal Cemetery (GSC030-031). Libyan Studies, 42, 89-102.

      Mattingly, D., Abduli, H., Aburgheba, H., Ahmed, M., Esmaia, M. A. A., Baker, S., Cole, F., Fenwick, C., Gonzalez Rodriguez, M., Hobson, M., Khalaf, N., Lahr, M., Leitch, V., Moussa, F., Nikita, E., Parker, D., Radini, A., Ray, N., Savage, T., Sterry, M. and Schörle, K. (2010) DMP IX: Summary Report on the Fourth Season of Excavations of the Burials and Identity team. Libyan Studies, 41, 89-104.

View of the Niger River from a settlement mound during 'Crossroads of Empires' field season 2013

Nadia and a Beninois student undertaking field survey