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Past Doctoral Research

Thesis Titles

Murphy, Rachael (2018) Indigenous Australia in the UK

Hans, Rosalie (2018) Emerging models in Contemporary African Museums

Dartey, J. A. (2018) Investigating ancient human occupation at Zoboku : a Koma site in northern Ghana

Sheppard, R. (2017) A history of encounter, an encounter with history : the Emil Torday expedition 1907-1909

Christophe, A. (2017) Exhibiting connections, connecting Exhibitions : constructing trans-Pacific relationships through museum displays in Oceania (2006-2016)

Giade, A. A. (2016) Ethnoarchaeological Investigation in Northern Bauchi, Northeast Nigeria : the Shira site

Khalaf, N. (2016) A field survey and geographical information systems (GIS) based investigation of the archaeological landscape in the Niger River Valley, Republic of Benin.

McDonald, L.A. (2015) Creating kastom: contemporary art in Port Vila, Vanuatu.

Sykes, M.M. (2015) (M.Phil.) Federal recognition, native space and indigenous performance: an ethnographic analysis of northeastern dance in the Shinnecock powwow.

Rengifo, C. (2014) Moche social boundaries and settlement dynamics at Cerro Castillo (c. A.D. 600-1000), Nepena Valley, Peru.

Martiarena, L.M. (2014)  The social life of death: mortuary practices in the north-central Andes, 11th-18th centuries.

Lagat, I.K. (2014)  Remembering the 1998 Nairobi terror attack: cultural and trauma memory and the reconciliation of a nation.

Helmer, M. (2014)  The archaeology of an ancient seaside town: performance and community at Samanco, Nepeńa Valley, Peru.

Burtenshaw-Zumstein, J.T. (2014)  The social life of death: mortuary practices in the north-central Andes, 11th-18th centuries.

Sule, A. (2013)  Archaeological investigation of the Kirfi area, northern Nigeria : craft, identity and landscape.

Pinto, M. (2013)  Reconciliation in Canadian museums.

Leclerc-Caffarel, S. (2013)  Exchange relations between Fijians and Euro-Americans (1774-1854), with reference to museum collections.

Durand, M. (2013)  The materiality of the kitchen house: building, food and history on Mere Lava, northern Vanuatu.

Bockhaven, V.v. (2013)  The leopard men of the eastern Congo (ca. 1890-1940): history and colonial representation.

Scott, M.K. (2012)  Representation and art production among the contemporary Maya : form, meaning and value of the artesanias from the Puuc r egion of Yucatan, Mexico.

De Becker, L. (2012)  Remembering Rwanda: the commemoration of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda's national museums and memorials.

Viau-Courville, M. (2011)  Anthropomorphism and staffed personages at Tiahuanaco, Bolivia (c. AD 600-1000).

Sheales, F. (2011)  Sights/sites of spectacle: Anglo/Asante appropriations, diplomacy and displays of power 1816-1820.

Peduzzi, N. (2011)  Travelling miniatures: Kerry & Co.'s postcards of the Pacific 1893-1917.

O'Brien, A. (2011)  Collecting the Solomon Islands: colonial encounters & indigenous experiences in the Solomon Island collections of Charles Morris Woodford and Arthur Mahaffy (1886-1915).

Denner, A.S. (2010)   Under the Shade Tree: mortuary rituals and aesthetic expression on the Anir Island, New Ireland, Papua New Guinea.

Hulkenberg, J. (2009)  Masi: cloth of the vanua in a globalising world: an anthropological study on the contemporary production, use and cultural meaning of Fijian barkcloth.

Carreau, L. (2009)  Collecting the collector: being an exploration of Harry Geoffrey Beasley's collection of Pacific artefacts made in the years 1895-1939.

Ramón Joffré, G. (2008)  Potters of the northern Peruvian Andes: a palimpsest of technical styles in motion.

Mills, A.N. (2007)  Tufunga tongi 'akau:Tongan club carvers & their arts.

Jessop, M.K. (2007)   Unwrapping gods: encounters with gods and missionaries in Tahiti and the Austral Islands, 1797-1830.

Adams, J.A. (2007)  Te Kahu Ukauku: the enduring significance of the Maori cloak.

Durocher, F.M. (2006)  Late Nasca pottery.

Chicoine, D. (2006)   Architecture and Society at Huambacho (800-200 B.C.), Nepena Valley, Peru.

Worden, S. (2005)  Robes of honour: textiles of the Hausa-Fulani in the Liverpool Museum.

Veys, F.W. (2005)  Barkcloth in Tonga and its neighbouring areas: 1773-1900: presenting the past in the present.

Coupaye, L. (2004)  Growing artefacts, displaying relationships : outlining the technical system of long yam cultivation and display among the Abelam of Nyamikum village ( East Sepik province, Papua New Guinea )

Chalcraft, J.M. (2004)  Cosmopolitan cartographies and the colonisation of the past: world heritage and rock art in Italy and Tanzania.

Sibley, H. (2003)  The role of birds and feathers in Aztec art and society : valuables, transformation and gender.

Jacobs, K. (2003)  Collecting Kamoro: objects, encounters and representation in Papua, West New Guinea.

Noszlopy, L. (2002)   The Bali Arts Festival - Pesta Kesenian Bali: culture, politics and the arts in contemporary Indonesia.

Arero, H.G.W. (2002)  Keeping the peace of Borana: aspects of peace and conflict in shifting 'indigenous' systems of northern Kenya.

Millaire, J.-F. (2001)  Moche burial patterns: an investigation into Prehispanic social structure.

Dempsey, J. (2000)  Continuity and change in warrior representational art of the Blackfoot Indians of the northern plains, 1833 to 2000.

Dalgleish, S. (2000)  'Utopia' redefined: Aboriginal women artists in the Central Desert of Australia.

Flores, J. (1999)  Art and identity in the Mariana Islands: issues of reconstructing an ancient past.

Ostapkowicz, J. (1998)  Taino wooden sculpture: duhos, rulership and the visual arts in the 12th-16th century Caribbean.

Wastiau, B. (1997)  Mahamba: the transforming arts of spirit possession among the Luvale-speaking people of the Upper Zambezi.

Meuli, J. (1995)  The indefinite article: a history of ideas about things from the Northwest Coast.

Rea, W. (1994)  No event, no history: masquerading in Ikole-Ekiti.

Kingdon, Z.E. (1994)  A host of devils: the history and context of the modern Makonde carving movement.