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Contact details

Address for all correspondence

Sainsbury Research Unit
Sainsbury Centre For Visual Arts
University of East Anglia
Norwich Research Park
Norwich NR4 7TJ
United Kingdom



Telephone 00 44 (0)1603 592498
Fax 00 44 (0)1603 259401


Information about academic programmes, applications, and deadlines

Enquiries should be made by email to the Admissions Secretary, by phone to the number above or in writing to the postal address.


Disability Liaison Officer (DLO)

DLOs can help you with matters relating to your disability and any effects there may be on your academic work directly or within the School more broadly.

Lynne Crossland (L.Crossland@uea.ac.uk) (0)1603 593005

Email Addresses

General Enquiries (admin.sru@uea.ac.uk)
Library Enquiries (sru.library@uea.ac.uk)


Individual faculty and staff

Phoning outside UK - Dial 00 44 and remove first zero of the area code.

Laura Armstrong (laura.armstrong@uea.ac.uk) (0)1603 592659

Aristoteles Barcelos Neto (A.Barcelos-Neto@uea.ac.uk)  (0)1603 593646

Jeremy Bartholomew (j.bartholomew@uea.ac.uk)  (0)1603 592659

Annalisa Christie (A.Christie@uea.ac.uk) (0)1603 592642

Lynne Crossland (L.Crossland@uea.ac.uk)  (0)1603 593005

Lisa Farrington (L.Farrington@uea.ac.uk)  (0)1603 592498

Anne Haour (A.Haour@uea.ac.uk)  (0)1603 591006

Pat Hewitt (p.hewitt@uea.ac.uk)  (0)1603 591645

Steven Hooper (s.hooper@uea.ac.uk)  (0)1603 593022

Karen Jacobs (K.Jacobs@uea.ac.uk)  (0)1603 592747

George Lau (george.lau@uea.ac.uk)  (0)1603 593198

John Mack (John.Mack@uea.ac.uk)  (0)1603 592463

Fiona Savage (Fiona.Savage@uea.ac.uk) 01603 593194